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We helped her sell her home Fast!




CPS solved his housing problem in 2 weeks!


"We were facing foreclosure and CPS kept us from losing our home of 16 years.  We would recommend CPS to anyone in our situation."

Paul and Elaine from Murray, Kentucky,
April 17, 2007


"I was having health problems, money problems, and my husband had been out of work 4 times in the last 10 years.  CPS really helped me.  They made my house problems go away and now my name is clear.  They made it possible for me to get back on my feet.  I would positively recommend them.  They were a blessing to me."

Debbie from Murray, Kentucky, April 26, 2007


"I was off of work under the Family Medical Leave Act, and I certainly appreciated the disability check I was receiving.  However, it did not cover all my bills.  I became grossly behind on my house payment to the point of foreclosure.

Greg Taylor of CPS was very polite and easy to contact.  He was happy and eager to help me.  He went to great lengths to try to purchase my house on such short notice, and by the grace of God I was given a second financial chance and was able to keep my home.

I would always recommend CPS to anyone who wants to sell their house, whether they're in foreclosure or not!"

Donna from Paris, TN, May 31, 2007


"We had been trying to sell our house for about a year, and we were falling behind on our mortgage payments.  CPS purchased our house from the bank, and within 1.5 months we were out of a bad situation.  Anyone who is having trouble selling their house I would definitely recommend contact CPS."

C.J. and Melissa from Murray, Kentucky, February 8, 2008


"I was hospitalized about 2 years ago.  My credit was ruined and I couldn't pay all of my bills.  I was about to lose my house to foreclosure.  CPS bought my home, helped me get back on my feet with the money and helped to fix my credit.  Thanks CPS!"

Daniel from Paducah, Kentucky, February 11, 2008


"We were given the run around by Crown Mortgage and had gotten behind on everything.  We were trying to start our company and could not because of a bad cash flow problem, caused by trusting the wrong people.  CPS helped us solve our problems by getting us the money we needed.  We got our trucking company started and now things are looking up. 

I would recommend anyone call CPS.  Greg comes from a kind, caring, loving family.  All the Taylors' word is their bond.  I know that Greg's grandfather Tommye is the greatest man I know.  I think if you needed a shirt he would give you the shirt off his back and I know Greg is the same."

Danny and Teresa from Murray, Kentucky, September 2007


"We were behind on our payments and we couldn't seem to stay caught up to to where our payments were current.  We had no way to save for any kind of emergency.  There were home repairs that we needed doing that we could not afford. 

CPS helped us solve our problems.  The got our home listed with a realtor and contacted our mortgage company and made all the arrangements.  All we had to do was sign at closing when the house sold. 

We would very much recommend CPS.  They made it easy for us and took a load of stress and worry away.  Thank You CPS!"

Mac and Emily from Murray, KY, February 26, 2008


"My husband and I were facing foreclosure.  CPS not only helped in solving our problem, they made it so we can hopefully build our credit back to where it needs and should be.  We were having a hard time with our mortgage company and Greg Taylor and his staff stayed right there doing whatever they could to help us.

We 100% recommend CPS for people that may be in a situation where CPS can help."

Samantha and Timmy from Almo, Kentucky, April 29, 2008


"I became very homesick for my hometown, even though I truly love and appreciate the people and city of Murray.  In addition, I was faced with a housing timeline and needed to complete the process quickly. 

Greg Taylor of CPS was very professional, cordial and serviced my immediate housing needs in a timely and efficient manner.  He understood my predicament and didn't miss a beat which produced an excellent result for me.  Greg responded to my email that same day and walked me through the process with extreme clarity.

I would absolutely tell other people in my situation to give CPS a try.  We found out about CPS while skimming the Smart Saver and I'm so glad that I replied to the email."

Valerie Jordan from Murray, KY (by way of New Orleans), May 30, 2008


"When I called CPS, I was facing bankruptcy and foreclosure on my home.  CPS helped me solve my problems in a very short time.  I found out about CPS from reading the newspaper and I had a great experience with Greg Taylor and CPS staff members.  They were very helpful and courteous to me and my needs.  I would recommend that anybody with financial problems like mine give CPS a call to see if they can help."

Jimmy from Murray, KY, June 19, 2008






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