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Let CPS help make YOU money!

If you are interested in finding a great deal on properties that need some rehab work, let CPS do the work for you. We will find properties in the areas that you want to invest in that fit your criteria, and best of all, these properties are available at YOUR price.

You may ask why we aren’t pursuing these great deals, and the answer is simple. We are doing a lot of marketing and hard work to find the most appealing properties that fit OUR investing pattern. We simply don’t have the time or the desire to follow up and rehab every great property out there, and that’s when we’d LOVE to pass these deals on to you. We’ll do the work finding the properties, you do the work fixing them up and selling them for profit. Just fill out the Investor Profile Form below and let us find you some great deals!







Would you consider yourself...
a beginner (3 deals or less)
Intermediate (4-10 deals)
Advanced (over 10 deals)

What area of investing are you interest in the most?

Wholesale Buying and Wholesale Selling
Buy & Sell Owner Finance or Rent to Own
Buy, Rent & Hold
Buy, Rehab, & Sell at Retail Price
Other (please specify)

What areas interest you the most?
Low income (under $60,000 ARV (After Repair Value)
Working Class ($60-120k ARV)
Middle Class ($120k ARV and up)

What type of properties are you interested in?
Single family
2-4 family

Do you currently own investment property?

Do you plan on investing this year?

Can you pay cash to purchase a property? If so, to what price range?

Would you prefer to buy via Owner Financing or a Land Contract?
Owner Financing
Land Contract

Are you open to partnerships?

So that we can familiarize ourselves with your investing “DNA”, please list your most recent acquisitions (up to 5 properties total) and for each describe what you hope to do with the property.


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